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Hello, you caring, loving, sensitive, empathetic soul. Welcome to Divine Reflections.

Our mission is to serve people of service. We are here to provide the space for heart-centered workers to align with the energy of their souls and discover the complete joy and love for what they do.

  • Are you a person of service, caregiver, healer, empath, or someone who is here to make a difference in this world?
  • Have you lost your spark and energy for what once made you feel alive?
  • Do you desire connection to your unique purpose in life?
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Let's face it; we can talk about self-care and avoiding burnout. Yet when push comes to shove, people of service will always choose to serve to run through the fire to save those in need. Put yourself first, they say, but they don't understand the heart of a healer.

What makes healers and heart-centered workers so unique is their drive to serve is at the core of being. Yet when unhealed and operating from a place of brokenness, they cannot make the impact they desire to create. They collapse under the weight of responsibility. When they serve from a healed place, they help with an abundance of energy, joy, and genuine love for what they do.

Yes, it is possible to be a healed healer and service worker. Here are some of our programs to get you on the path of self-recovery.

Our Team

Chantel White

Chantel White is a certified Equine Gestalt Coach, Soul Care Coach, Peer Facilitator, Author, and Truth Seeker. She has been helping people find their truth and heal old stuck patterns for over a decade partnering with horses, nature and intuitive connection. Her work has been featured on CTV, CFCW, CBC, several podcasts, and the international kinesiology conference.

Chantel spent many years hiding and masking her truth. She got really good at ignoring her intuition until she couldn't anymore. Her breakthrough came with honouring herself and creating healthy boundaries, walking away from people and situations that were not serving her. She is passionate about using mother earth to guide sensitive souls to walk their authentic path, sing the song of their hearts, and do what sets their souls on fire.

Joan White


Services offered by Divine Reflections:

Akashic Record Readings | Equine Gestalt Coaching/ Equine Assisted Therapy | Intuitive Counseling | Healing Circle with Horses | Divine Healing Circles

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