Playful & Free Women's retreat.

Join our Retreat -on June.4
Investment: $222 plus GST
  • When was the last time you danced like no one was watching, played and delighted in the magic of the moment?
  • Who this retreat is for:
  • Who this retreat may not be appropriate for:

Your Inner Child knows how to play, knows natural joy, loves nature, knows how to live in the moment, lives in the land of the wondrous, and enjoys true magic! She knows how to have fun and live a magical, authentic life. She is creative.

This retreat is to support you in reconnecting to that fun, playful, creative, and happy self again.

Imagine starting the retreat by wholeheartedly connecting to yourself and others in a sacred circle of women. This day will unfold being in the flow with nature, experiences with horses, drumming fiddle music and movement. These experiences will reconnect you to the fun-loving and free part of you. 

Not sure if you "should" come? Ask your inner child :) 

  • Women aged 18 and up
  • Those who enjoy learning about themselves and being outdoors
  • Those who need time away to reconnect with themselves

If you're looking for a deep healing experience- My weekend intensives or private sessions are for that

Those who don't like being outside or being with animals

Schedule details - This is a free-flowing retreat with some scheduled events. * Depending on the energy of the group, times are subject to change.


9 am group gathering and beginning of the sacred circle
10:00 am Connection with the herd
11:00 – 1:00 Lunch provided and free time
1-3:00 pm time with the herd, group healing experiences
3-4 pm Group activity and journal time
4 pm Drumming
4:30-5:00 Fire, fiddle music and smores!


Location: Near Sherwood Park, AB. Directions will be sent to registrants.
Call or e-mail to register In Health and Horseyness,

4 women – 4 weeks – 4 life Changing moments

June 8 at 6:00 pm - June 29 at 8:30 pm
Investment: $333.00 plus GST
  • Building courage and confidence with horses!

Ready to live a more bold and courageous life? Do you desire to have unshakable self-confidence?

Join this small, mighty group to create an undeniable shift in how you show up for yourself and others. If you’re ready to dig deep and ditch your deepest pain and long-held beliefs, this intensive workshop is for you.

“On the other side of pain is freedom” ~ Chantel

Oh, what freedom there is when you let you be you!

Imagine having the courage and confidence to:

  • mean what you say and say what you mean
  • make choices that a good and right for you
  • care about what you think, feel and know
  • create and uphold healthy boundaries
  • live a fully authentic life, the one you were made for
  • let go of people and places that are not serving your highest good 

Applications are being taken for this group. To get your name on the application list or to find out more, e-mail.

When? We will get together every Wednesday evening, starting June.8 till June.29, from 6:00 pm till 8:30 pm.

This INTENSIVE will be a ton of personal growth and healing for the investment of $333.


Healing Circle with Horses

June 10 at 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Investment: $75.00 plus GST
  • Join us in this supportive healing circle with horses.
  • Breathe, Connect and let the horses lead the way.

Do you need a place to reconnect and recharge?

Let’s face it, this lack of connection has been hard on everyone. Now is the perfect time to go within and reconnect to who you really are.

Join us in this supportive healing circle with horses. Together we will drop the stresses of everyday life in the dirt. We will connect to our heart’s inner wisdom and listen to the sweet whispers of our authentic voice. The horses will provide the space to breathe, let go, and recharge.

Connecting with a 1200lb animal, you will be gifted with an unforgettable “AHA.”

* outdoor location dress accordingly

* limited spots available

* Location will be sent upon registration

* No horse experience is necessary

* Max 10 fabulous women in this circle


Here are a couple of testimonials from one of the recent healing circles:

“Hi there. It has taken some time for me to assimilate what happened last weekend. I am very glad I attended because I now have many answers to situations that troubled me, and I believe I’m calmer and more relaxed than I have been in a very long while. The experience with the horses was mind-blowing! I’m not sure if any of it can be explained. I know what I witnessed and experienced was real. So, I’m going to thank you once more.” Linda 


“When I first arrived I was greeted by Chantel and her warm, calming energy. I had never done healing with horses and so I was just a little bit nervous, but the excitement propelled me forward. Every step of the way I felt well taken care of by Chantel and my nervousness subsided once I was next to the horses. They are beautiful healers with powerful energies. My experience was that the horses wanted me to be myself and feel love, and they nudged me here and there to come back to my authentic self. It’s not always easy in such a busy world to connect with our inner spirit, but wow did the horses help me access my true roots. Chantel’s open, warm, non-judgemental vibe tied the healing together in such a beautiful way. Thank-you Chantel and horses! ” – Jessica

If interested, please, give me a call or e-mail, let’s chat. I’m doing as much unplugging from the internet as possible, besides it’s more fun to hear your voice.
Hope to see you there! Chantel!
Healing Circle with Horses Ticket