Life Coach Sherwood Park

Hi Chantel, 

It sure was a great experience and I feel there certainly were a lot of feelings/emotions that came out of me. 

As for a shift - I reflect on that time a lot - especially on the time you took two pylons that you set apart and asked me who I think about becoming and leaving that person behind that was in the military that doesn’t serve me. Who I don’t want to be anymore. It certainly opened me up to thinking more about who I can be - my potential and my inner self. So yes, I feel the shift in me. 

I don’t cry as much thinking about Jiggs as well - it felt like when you asked me to say anything I wanted to say to him while petting the second horse, Flo, felt some closure knowing we did so right with him all those years ( cried a little bit while writing this sentence) 

Thank you again for the time that day - the follow-up today as well. It sure changed me as a person ( I have told many people about our experience with you and the horses ) 

God bless, have a great night 

Say hello to the horses 

Ken - served just over 26 years in the Military - Haiti, Isreal, Dubai, and Afghanistan are notable places I went. 

Gestalt Coach Sherwood Park

Hi Chantel, I just wanted to share with you how I felt after Saturday. 

I have over the years through different therapy tried to understand what has happened to me in my lifetime. Lessons has been taught to me to forgive and move on, well that hasn't worked for me, because I stuff down my pain and then it erupts when I least expect it.

Saturday was truly a remarkable milestone for me and what I have experienced since then has been incredible. I've been able to be truthful to myself and express how I feel to others. You literally had my back, and the support I felt was immense.

So as I said to you on Saturday, I will see you again at a future retreat or healing circle. Thank you again.



Equine Assisted Therapy Sherwood Park

Good Evening Chantel!

It is with deep gratitude and tears in my eyes that I’m writing you this message. I am beyond words right now. I’ve been sitting in my hotel room for the last couple of hours just thinking about our session with Olive. My heart is so full. I feel so much lighter. I feel like I’ve let go of so much baggage that was wearing me down and causing havoc in my body. I feel lighter and more free. I feel more like me, not the closed off girl you first met at the beginning of our session. All in a couple hours I feel like my life has changed. I’m blown away by the messages horses can tell us. They truly do mirror us. I would highly recommend everyone have a session with you and a horse. Chantel, you’re an incredibly talented person and I thoroughly enjoyed working with you. From the bottom of my heart, Thank You! xo

You & Olive have deeply impacted and changed my life! 

You will see me again someday!

All my love, Tina

Healing With Horses Sherwood Park

When I first arrived I was greeted by Chantel and her warm, calming energy. I had never done healing with horses and so I was just a little bit nervous, but the excitement propelled me forward. Every step of the way I felt well taken care of by Chantel and my nervousness subsided once I was next to the horses. They are beautiful healers with powerful energies. My experience was that the horses wanted me to be myself and feel love, and they nudged me here and there to come back to my authentic self. Its not always easy in such a busy world to connect with our inner spirit, but wow did the horses help me access my true roots. Chantel's open, warm, non-judgemental vibe tied the healing together in such a beautiful way. Thank-you Chantel and horses! "

And again, thank you for holding such a beautiful space for us all, that is a true gift of yours, that's for sure! All the best, hope to be able to come out again!

-Jessica Holden

Intuitive Counseling Sherwood Park

Ace up my Sleeve

I didn’t even know what my issue was. I just thought I was a natural born loner who kept retreating further and further into the countryside so I could be alone; I even have a great job that allows me to work from home. It was just me and my horses.

I went to my first Equine Gestalt day at Chantel’s and in the round pen I was introduced to what I thought was the world’s pushiest horse – Ace. (Just so we’re clear; I’ve had horses almost all of my life and I’m no spring chicken.) He kept getting into “my space” – and he wouldn’t back off. Finally I decided I’d had enough, and turned to walk to the fence. He REALLY got into my space then and I got mad; I hollered at him, threw up arms up in the air and he calmly backed up. I was ticked right off…

What I discovered was that I have issues setting and maintaining boundaries. In real life someone would “get in my space” and I’d retreat, retreat, retreat and then finally get mad. No wonder I lived in the middle of nowhere…

I went back for another day. You guessed it – there was Ace in the round pen – he had actually been standing with his head over the gate waiting for Chantel to bring him in. It was a completely different outcome – I was able to calmly set and quietly yet firmly maintain a boundary. I thought Ace’s lip was going to start quivering, but he quickly accepted it with grace. It was a triumphant moment.

How has this helped me in my real life? I have experienced a huge leap in confidence because I now know I can (and have) set boundaries and I don’t have to get mad to maintain them, I can be calm and firm. At first it confused a few people; I purposefully maintained all my healthy friendships and let any unhealthy ones quietly dissolve. I am not concerned about being taken advantage of because I can, in the words of Nancy Reagan, “just say no”. Interestingly, my fear level decreased to the point that I moved out of province and bought a house. I am a lot happier and surprisingly calmer.

I find it amusing how setting boundaries has opened up my world and allowed in so many good people. Thank you, Chantel.

Oh, and it turns out, Ace isn’t the pushiest horse in the world after all, but he might be one of the best teachers. 

Sincerely, Terri

Akashic Records Sherwood Park

Hi Chantel, just wanted you to know how you have helped me to change my life, don’t get me wrong life is always a challenge, but I now know that I deserve a good life, to always be treated as I treat others, I have a kind wonderful man in my life now, we are taking it one day at a time but am grateful for every moment and feel blessed that I had you as a leader of our group and my counsellor.